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We start with a free consultation to discuss the estate issues you may need help with. This can be anything from drafting your Will, to assisting you with your duties as an estate trustee (executor), to intervening if you feel there is something wrong with a Will or the administration of an estate. Our initial consultation will be virtual (Zoom), by phone, or in person — whichever you prefer. It’s always your choice.

This initial meeting will also help you determine if we are the right estate-law team for you. 

Before moving forward, we will provide a complete outline of the work to be done along with a timeline and costs. If you are happy with our proposal then we will get to work, together.

Estate Planning

Your plan to manage your health and property during your lifetime, and ensure your wishes are followed when you die. 

A thorough estate plan typically includes a Will and two powers of attorney (health and property). It may also include one or more trusts (depending upon your wishes and circumstances), as well as business succession planning.  

Estate Admistration

If you have been appointed as an estate trustee (executor), you are responsible for the efficient administration of a person’s estate, likely someone you loved. You may feel overwhelmed by your administrative duties, all while you are grieving. 

We can assist you with every step, from protecting the estate and paying the debts to distributing assets to the beneficiaries in accordance with the Will.

Dispute Resolution

If you feel the deceased was unduly influenced to change their Will for the exclusive benefit of someone else, you can dispute the validity of the Will. If you feel an estate trustee has not properly fulfilled their duties, you can dispute their administration of the estate. Often, these disputes are between family members and fraught with emotion.

We can assist you to resolve a dispute over a Will or the administration of an estate. We always prefer to resolve disputes with clear communication, but when negotiation fails we will represent you in court.


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